VI verses Life
Writer's Prayer
Dear Lord,
Please bridal my tongue and guide my pen.
Let the words of my mouth and the ones in my notebook
be acceptable in Thy sight.
So that they might transcend poetry and become like prophecy.
Let people see past me.
Let them hear your voice when I speak.
And be moved by something much greater than me.
Keep my humbly before Thee I pray. 
Don't let me speak idly or for nothing.
But each time my tongue raises to form a sentence
Let it be done in remembrance of you.
And Please, Father forgive me for I have sinned
But since the gifts of God come without repentance
Accept each poem as my penance for being so unworthy.
 My simple contributions seem measly 
when compared to the deep thinkers of this world
but I'm willing, so send me.
Let this poetry become a friend to the lonely
Let it be food for thought to those who are hungry for truth
Let hope live somewhere in the lines of a poem.
If you're searching for someone to raise up a standard
Mold me into the vessel I was created to be and use me.
And Lord, let my life mimic my poetry
Let me love freely, be understanding and forgive easily
Always reveal the hidden beauty in life's most simple things.
Please incline your ear unto my humble plea, I pray
Let all that I write, do and say be a reflection of you in me.
Please Lord, bridal my tongue and guide my pen, Amen.

We Are Queens

God Himself dreamed us up in creation
and then made us in His image.
Proverbs 31 prophesied us into existence.
Before this, we ruled in palaces and kingdoms.
We are decendants of Makeeba, Queen of Sheba
Distant cousins to Amina, the warrior princess.
We are daughters of the Most High God.
We've never been anything else they named us.
(from "We are Queens")

Some Man's Wife
While my friends were chasing boys around merry-go-rounds
​And playing kissing games on school yard playgrounds
I was carefully devising a plan of how NOT to become
The personal assistant, cleaning, cooking, child bearing apple of some man’s eye
My plans for life included much more
Than just being some man’s wife.
Even then, when adolescent immaturity
Left me a little confused about the birds and the bees
I recognized that there was something strangely wrong
With how women seemed to be pretty puppets
But men pulled all the stings.
(from Some Man's Wife)

Always Remember.
Beautiful brown baby with old woman eyes- wise beyone my years
Some people say I look just like my grandma nem.
And sometimes if I'm lucky, I can still feel her near me
Like when the women at church get filled with the spirit
I swear I can hear it; the tune of her voice 
moaning the melody of some long metered hymn
At times like this, it's easy to let my memory take me back
to the most comfortable place I've ever known
where cornbread(the unsweeet kind) seems to be always baking
and there's a pile of wood always burning somewhere
and it feels like home.
The picture of Jesus that hung above the TV actually looked like a savior
not just some empty symbol for organized religion.
If I had my way, I'd spend the rest of my days
on the fron porch of my grandmother's house
the past and the future; as different as night and day; yet still the same
I long to spend Saturday afternoons
with a wooden bowl tucked between my skinny brown knees
snapping green beans and shelling purple hull peas
I'd spend eternity taking long walks down dusty dirt roads
that never merge into high ways
Picking blackberries and eating them straight from the vine
If I could, I would rewind the hands of time and then stop the clock.
(from Always Remember)

How I prayed for one clean break
How I wished it could have been a single incident
One small lapse in judgement
Because those are easy to forgive.
"She didn't mean anything to me"
"I just lost track of time"
"you're right, I shouldn't have lied"
Has the ability to save things 
like marriages and families.
(random thoughts from my notebook)