VI verses Life

"Writing is the only thing, that when I do it, I don't feel like I should be doing something else."
-Gloria Steinem
Women's Rights Advocate, Political Activist, Journalist

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Be Kind Always
I remind myself of this at least 100 times a day.  Once I master the task of being kind to all people, in every situation and despite my natural inclinations to freak out, lash out or bail out, then I'll know I am truly on the right path.  Everyday I'm striving and hoping to become more patient, have more integrity, offer more grace and simply be nicer in my interactions with others.  

Make Real Connections With People

This is so important to me.  I try really hard to make genuine connections with the people I encounter.  Something in me longs for deep conversations and hearty laughs.  I thrive on friendly discussions about religion and politics.  I think strangers are far less dangerous than we've always thought them to be and I consider it an absolute blessing when they transform into friends right before our eyes.

Constantly Pursue Purpose
Prayerfully, I will never stop becoming.  I want to chase after whatever it is I was placed on this planet for until the last breath escapes my body. (OK, that was a little dramatic) But seriously, I hope I'm always growing and learning and challenging myself.  But mostly, I hope that I've accomplished my life's task before I die.

Be Authentic 
Everyday I give myself permission to be me.  I promise myself every morning that I will be the most authentic version of myself possible.  I also want to be the kind of woman who gives other people the freedom to be themselves around me.  Authenticity is invaluable.

Always Be a Lady
In a world where gender roles are becoming a thing of the past and women have more rights and responsibilities than ever before in history, I couldn't be more proud to be a women.  In that, I hope to be a lady in all interactions and situations.  May I never show my boobs on social media or use my beauty or femininity in a manipulative way.  May I always be intentional and wise with my words and intelligent in my decision making.