VI verses Life

When asked, at age 8, what I wanted to be when I grew up, I confidently and assuredly said "a writer." 20+ years later, I'm convinced that little girl was on to something.  So, here I am. Writing.  I'm learning that success is not measured in my ability or inability to be the best writer/blogger around, but rather in being courageous enough to try and disciplined enough to do my best work.  So...this is my second attempt at blogging.  This is me chasing dreams and purpose.  This is me versing life, as it happens, in my own words and on my own terms.  

Aside from being a writer, I am mommy to the most handsome, goofy, intelligent almost 3 year old you'll ever meet (or read about). I work with women who are recovering from alcohol/drug addiction, I love Jesus, I'm a self-proclaimed professional thrifter, I'm slightly traditional, I'm a nerdy English major who likes my books on paper, not e-readers, laptops or tablets, I write poetry, I love good music, good food, good quotes and most of all good times with good people.

Vi verses Life is a play on words.  
Verses (writing arranged with metrical rythym) and versus (in opposition or contrast to) are homonyms. They sound alike but have different meanings. However, either of these could be relevant to my life, depending on the day and situation. Sometimes, it's me versing, or writing about the things life throws my way.  Other times, it's me standing in complete opposition to them.  This blog is a space for me to exercise my writing gift and to share my insights and experiences about raising a son, being a lady, a professional and simply a human being.   Thanks for stopping by!


"I hope to live a life that is transparent enough that others learn from my mistakes, share in my happiness and somehow relate to the craziness that happens inside my head."

Social Service Experience
I'm so blessed to have worked with many different 'specialized populations' including those experiencing domestic voilence, sexual assault, unemployment, homelessness and chemical dependency.
​Mommy Experience
Being a mother has taught me more about life and love than any other thing.  My son is the ultimate teacher, my biggest blessing and my most distinguished accomplishment. 
Life Expereince
31 years of life have brought many highs as well as a few lows but both have come with their own way of teaching lessons.